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Friday, July 27 2018


Haines City, FL - EEC Solutions is happy to announce their recent contract award of $30,000.00 with the District of Columbia Pretrial Services Agency (PAS). We want to thank all the people involved in helping us win this contract.   

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Friday, July 20 2018
EEC Solutions is Happy to Introduce Our New Leadership Development Solutions Training Program

Haines City, FL - EEC Solutions is happy to introduce our new Leadership Development Solutions Training Program.

Why is leadership development crucial to good business?

Leadership development has become a key strategic issue for contemporary organizations. Organizations without a properly structured leadership development processes compete in the marketplace at their own peril. The leadership field is constantly evolving with new insights and discoveries that can benefit the development of your organization’s leaders.

Let us assess your needs and suggest a leadership development process for your organization.

Successful leadership is not only about the quality of training content: it's about establishing development processes and integrating leadership learning into the work environment.

For more information, take a look at our brochure, or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives to see how your company can beneficiate from our leadership program.

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Thursday, July 19 2018



Haines City, FL - EEC Solutions recently partnered with Logical Operations to start offering Project Management Professional courses to our customers. For more information about the PMP program that we will be offering, please contact us at / (863) 353-9749 and one of our representatives will contact you with all the required information.

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Friday, July 06 2018
Not all is work: EEC Solutions Visited the Orlando Magic NBA Team

Orlando, FL - EEC Solutions CEO Alex Morales-Hernandez and Proposal Coordinator John A. Morales-Camacho visited the Orlando Magic NBA team to take a tour of their facilities.   

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Friday, July 06 2018
EEC Solutions CEO Recently Attended the Haines City Commission Meeting

Haines City, FL - EEC Solutions CEO Alex Morales-Hernandez recently attended the Haines City commission meeting to find out ways on how EEC Solutions could partner with other community professionals to help this beautiful city be all it can be.

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